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The Energy Matrix

Everything is energy...even us! And there is so much light/energy coming onto the planet that sometimes it's hard to know what to do with it all!....all we can do is go with the flow!

For those sensitive to energy we have been clearing a MASSIVE amount of old energy... This can feel like mood swings, irritability, anger, sadness, uncontrollable moods, a little bit like you're going insane sometimes! (You're're just clearing all that is stick in your energy field!).

If we allow ALL these emotions to come and go we clear our energy field.....when we feel like this the best thing we can do is ALLOW's hard...really hard to feel it and not inflict it on others....but these are sure signs that old energy is clearing...

ALLOW it and KNOW that it won't last....and once it's gone you'll feel lighter and brighter!


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