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The Fight with the Darkness

There is no darkness....only our perception of what is! When we look outside or read certain things we may sometimes feel that there is so much darkness in the world but in essence we are both light and dark so there is no darkness...only light and other light!! They are two halves of the same coin of which our perception judges them as light or dark, good or bad.

Without darkness there could be no light...let me say that again...Without darkness there can be no light!! So as bad or dark as we feel the planet might be right now....if that wasn't so we wouldn't be able to see what we don't want in life or what we don't want to be! All of the things that we are seeing are showing us what we are not, they are leading us to what we are and what we do want. Fighting darkness with darkness only leads to more darkness...Seeing control and then trying to control the control leads to more control....accepting what is and that it is showing us our light and how to act in light is how we evolve as humans. 'It is always darkest before the light'...isn't that the saying! So when we look outside ourselves and see darkness....ask the can I shine my light, my love, my compassion at this time. Be the torch that others follow and shine brightly :)


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