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The Five Energy Bodies

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

When we embark on our healing journey, it is often done with trepidation and joy for what will come...the further in we get, the more we realise that the process of ascension and aligning with a higher power takes courage , fortitude and guts. That is why there are so many people choosing not to take the road less travelled and stay in the 3D matrix at this time! (They will in time face the inner workings of their soul and come to a place of peace in their soul evolution, but for now their journey is to learn as much as they can for the 'next round' they choose to be part of!). However, for those of you reading this your journey of ascension is well underway I would imagine!

As humanity grows and evolves, there are many layers to face, feel and let go of...many programs that have become imbedded in our psyche and many layers of loss and fear can reside in the human energy field! Aligning the five energy bodies will help in this process!

So...what are the 5 energy bodies...? They are the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, the spiritual body and the etheric body...and each one impacts upon the other! As they sound the physical body is the organic human body that we reside in at the moment as humans (soon to become the light body for those who are ascending); the mental body is the mind and nervous system that runs throughout the human vessel and is associated with programming we have accumulated throughout this lifetime; the emotional body that resides in our heart and runs throughout the body through both our nervous system and our fascia; the spiritual body which links from the heart to the solar system around us and Gaia herself (the soul of the earth) as well as our link to igniting the lightbody within and the etheric body that holds past trauma to be integrated into the higher mind and higher self for evolution and growth.

When these five bodies are in alignment we find our energy flows easily throughout the human vessel, our toroidal flow flows unimpeded (see the following blog post on toroidal flow if this is new to you :) and our lightbody integration occurs....we start to feel lighter, more vibrant, more in alignment with our own soul and connected to the world at large and the universe around us.

So how do we ensure these five bodies stay in alignment...? Yoga, can help centre us , exercise, body work such as massage and energy healing, meditation, a healthy diet, drinking pure water, having fun, allowing your feelings to flow, connecting with like minded people who share their light with you, allowing yourself to do things that light you up, clearing and cleansing you energy field is you feel out of alignment and following your soul urges (more on this tomorrow!)

Namaste fellow lights....Enjoy the journey


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