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The Great Divide!

In these massive times of change and shift a term that keeps coming to me is the great divide! The great divide in consciousness, in the planet, in opinions in control and freedom, in choices! Everything is dividing into old and new...the old reality is falling away for many and a new reality is rising....equally the old reality for some is getting more obvious and the new reality is falling away from them!

In this time of great divide I am reminded that all is well and that each individual is shifting at a pace the are ready for and into the reality they have chosen! This is really important to remember at this time....we ALL CHOOSE at a soul level where we are going! We can not coerce, manipulate or change a soul to choose another direction unless it is in their journey to do so! So when we look around and see some souls that are leaving the planet or in circumstances we would like to change for is important to tap into our own soul knowledge to seek advice and ask where this soul has chosen to go! Some will be side stepping to another 3D reality, some will be making the leap to 5D and some will be returning to source! ALL of these soul choices are totally fine and essential in the evolution for the individual soul and as evolved souls ourselves the remembrance of this is key to our own individual evolution.

Everything is fine...perfect in the eyes of source and working out as it is 'supposed' to...our job is only to raise our vibration as high as we can to step in line with our choices...those that need are coming with us will seek us out and make their own choices! Life is always about free will and free will to choose is the gift we give to others souls as hard as that may be for our own personal evolution, it is the way to love without condition and how we fully embrace both our divine nature and that of being human! To help you raise your vibration and become fully inline with your soul nature see my post on Raising your Vibration! (


With all my Love Clare

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