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The Importance of a Quiet Mind

It has become increasingly clear when I speak to people that the 3d human mind is becoming busier and busier! For those you that know about the shift in human consciousness from 3d to 5d will be aware of how the mind and body change during this shift! Stuck energy can appear as a busy mind and physical pain in the what can we do help the process along.....?

After years of experiencing my own awakening from 3d to 5d consciousness I am increasingly aware of when my mind is busy and when it is not! And thus when I am in a 5d state of consciousness and a 3d state of consciousness! In the easiest terms possible 5d is a state of flow and our heart is open, we are open to love, new experiences and the mind becomes quiet....unless there is energy stuck and needing to be cleared. When we are in a state of 3d consciousness our minds are busy, fears are everywhere and we just cant quiet the noise! We are out of touch with how our body feels, consumed by our thoughts and living in a very dense reality where it is really difficult to engage our inner knowing, quiet our mind and hear guidance and feelings that will help us on our path!

Living in 5d is not something we are used to being is a process of finding our way and following signs and synchronicities, listening to help from our angels and guides and other beings that maybe able to help and discerning what is 'helpful' for our evolution and what is not so helpful! Non of these things can be done if our mind is busy and we are pre occupied with whatever is going on in our head!

Obviously our mind is needed but we are going through a process of connecting our hearts and minds to join the 5d consciousnesses that are on the earth plane right now!

So how do we do this....take time everyday to 'meditate'... I personally don't like the term meditate as it is can be an ego led practice in quieting the mind which is great but we sometimes don't always 'listen' to the mind which is essentially what meditation in its most basic form is! I prefer the term 'being with myself'. When we use the term being with ourselves it allows the hidden parts of us to feel safe to be heard...not quieted because we are in a state of meditation and our mind should be quiet! start and to raise our consciousness and live in a state of 5d awareness it is so important to be with ourselves...once we listen without judgement to our inner thoughts...our inner being....ourselves...we can start to clear the clutter of our mind and really get to the bottom of where all our thoughts have come from as often they are no always about what is being 'chatted' about in our heads but rather a disfigurement of what is going on in our hearts and the hurts we have experienced as our time here on earth. Once these hurts and feelings are allowed to come up for air and be understood by our minds and brought to our attention they seem to melt away like butter and the mind becomes more and more quiet...allowing more and more room for us to see and here the signs we are offered all the time by the universe on our next steps and finding our joy and passion allowing us to live and happy, fulfilled and contented life no matter the goings on around us!


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