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The Importance of Change!

I have been very quiet on the writing front! Life has been a bit wet and wild this has our life! We sold the house last year and for whatever reason the sale seems to have taken forever...although actually only four months (apparently that's normal at the moment!). But throughout this time there has been so much shifting! I will have no therapy room so lots of fears have been floating around...not to mention the 'where will we live!', and amongst all of this the world is changing at a rapid rate!

It has been an up and down kind of time...lots of new ideas and focus...but little energy to put it all together...we are still in winter after all and it is still a time of looking inward! And the new course in Yin Yoga and Meridians giving me so much insight into the human body and our hidden secrets.. I really do love how the body holds everything...although at times the letting go of everything seems a little tricky!

Anyway...the reason I felt drawn to write was the alchemy of change and the possibilities for growth that it brings! It is so easy and 'nice' to sit in our comfort zones and allow the world to float by but actually as we grow as humans change is needed to bring about growth. When we look at nature, it never stays the same, always changing, always moving and we love to stay the same as humans...its so cosy and nice to feel safe! But growth comes when we allow change to happen and we embrace the unknown, and little gems of knowing's and insights come forward if we allow them. Change isn't always bad....sometimes its the best thing in the world! It allows us to see things from a different perspective and be fully present with what is!

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