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The Importance of Shadow Work

Our shadow is the part of us that distorts our light. It distorts our view of ourselves, those around us and the world at large. When our shadow goes unnoticed and runs the background programs of our mind we are not living as the light we full are. We are living in the distortions of the mind and easily vomit these distortions onto others when we do not recognise them!

It is these shadows that distort the light of what we truly are, a being of light and love here to create from our hearts not our minds. And interesting when looking at where our thoughts come from, it is always from the distortions in our heart, there is no other place for them to originate as if they are truly our thoughts they have been feed to us from our heart! They are the wounded and distorted parts of us that have laid unheard and unnoticed and are asking for our love and compassion to be freed from the shadows and allowed into the light.

Often times our shadow is the parts of ourselves that we have rejected, banished, though of as 'bad'...but in reality when we are born we are all pure in heart, it is only our wounds that cause us to hate, neglect or cause suffering to another. Once we have made peace with the shadows in our heart we can begin to notice and help heal the shadows of another, should they be o a path of healing also (not everyone is on this path!) This is an on going process and as we heal our shadows we can notice the same shadow in others without being fearful or judgemental of the scar or shadow that eclipses the light of another. With this ongoing process of noticing and healing our own shadow with love and compassion for ourselves our full light can come to be as the purest presence of the light we are at a soul level. It is a continual process of shining a light into the darkest shadows until there are no shadows left and our light shines fully without the distortion of the shadow. You might also be interested in Bringing the Shadow to Light (

Namaste Clare

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