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The Plight of the Reptilians, Annanuki and Greys

I have read much over the years about these three races they have turned to darkness, control and have a certain agenda for the world. But my question has always been why? None of this has ever sat well with me...after all we are all from the same light, the same source are we not....? But these races are just the same as all races....fear has over come them and they have forgotten who they are. But that is all part being a soul.....of experiencing life...of having the experience of being cut off from source!

In order to experience everything, we go through everything as a soul. Lifetimes of heartache and feeling alone so we can experience this and then come back to source to be joined with all forms of life again. It is what this time on earth is all about....the coming back together of all energy forms....all consciousness...having grown from our experiences of separateness....learned from the fear and loneliness to come back to wholeness and source as an evolved being with greater understanding, empathy and compassion. It is how races evolve and learn and how we grow as souls in this eternal dance we are all part of. So my question when challenged with a notion that seems a 'little off' is to question it.....why have these races done this....what was their motivation and what did they feel they would gain....?

Opening to these questions allows us greater understanding and then the fear we have about certain things we have been lead to believe starts to disintegrate and we can experience more of our own light as we shine light into the darkest of places and help others to find their light :)

Namaste Clare

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