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The Technology Debate....

Recently the benefits and pitfalls of technology have been very prominent! I have always loved technology and what it can help us do (no surprises there as I have Siriun connections...Sirius as a planet and a species highly revere technology and it could have been a reason for their third dimensional planets downfall but always something is learned from the darkness!). The idea of over use and how helpful it actually is has been occurring a lot. Many areas of thought would suggest that technology is bad and has a detrimental effect on our energy field and our ability to awaken...being out in nature is the way to awaken all the senses. Others would suggest technology can help due to the ease of access of information and connection and its ability to help us coordinate and run our lives in the back ground as it were. For me, there has also been the questions over why we are sometimes 'on' it so daughter loves her technology and uses it as an escape when the world gets too much for do I! or hinderance to our evolution...? As with everything moderation an balance are the keys. Technology provides us with such wonderful opportunities to connect and create, when used in balance it can catapult our business and our life in a new direction. When used out of balance it can slow and dismantle any progress made. The sheer act of connecting with a screen, a computer, a film or other forms of media can uplift or plunge us into darkness.

Technology can be used a way to relax and centre, a way to bring all the senses into harmony. When focused a screen and are not over loaded by the outer world our other senses can harmonise, we find we can hear birds from miles away, and the gentle noises in the background as we focus our attention on just one thing. we can start to feel our body temperature and the sensations within the body as we calm and relax into just one activity. IT can bring us into wholeness and the presence moment...or it can take us out of our world and into others, out of our being and completely absorbed into it. Yes the energy of a computer and the internet can disrupt our energy field...but we are all energy and we can manipulate energy to our advantage so using this energy to harmonise can be our intension as we engage and use the benefits of technology to our advantage. It is up to us to use it wisely and with balance seeing it as a tool, a friend and a way of communicating in a world so busy.

As always, with love and gratitude, Clare

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