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Toroidal Flow and Awakening!

I remember very early on in my awakening, saying to a friend...'so basically, we are aiming to be a walking heart!'...She smiled and chuckled a little as she had been on her path much longer than I had but nodded in agreement! And that is exactly what the toroidal flow is (some refer to it as a Merkabah or kundalini energy....but I resonate with the Heart Math institutes version of toroidal flow!) is the energy that emanates from an awakened heart! It encompasses the whole body and all the chakras and allows the body to flow as it was created to. In total unison with itself and all that is as well as all those around you.

When fully activated this flow is amazing, it connects us to everything and allow us to live our truth. It acts like a barrier that lower vibrations 'can't see' or permeate due to its immense energy and structure. And when we are starting to awaken and our heart is starting to open we can feel other peoples toroidal flow or light as some people call it. When a heart is fully activated and we are starting to activate too, we cant help but be drawn to others with this amazing energy signature. But the unique thing is that they are all different! When we become attuned to energy this energy signature becomes very obviously, and if we know the person well we could probably sense them coming before they are in the room....its a feeling that was said to happen before Buddha walked into a space! I am sure you have noticed it when you approach someone and you instantly feel at peace or peaceful...this is a suggestion that their toroidal flow is working well or that their heart is fully open or opening!

Enjoy growing your toroidal flow and noticing others :)


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