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The difference between Implants, Entities, Attachments and Rouge Thought forms.

After my post yesterday the difference between Implants, Entities, Attachments and Rouge Thought Forms keeps coming up for me so I thought Id share a bit about them! Each is unique in its make up and how it affects us and each is unique in its abilities to help us awaken! On reading this I suggest you take what resonates and leave what doesn't, we are all on own our journey and see things from our own perspective and current level of understanding! they sound are implanted into the energetic field and cause us to have a certain experience, thought or feeling around the issue they are designed to help us break free of. I had an interesting experience of one being removed...or me letting go of the trauma surrounding the implanted information as I felt it 'unclip' and be transmuted to light! It was in my neck and felt like a plastic clip cover around my vagus nerve...if you don't know the vagus nerve connects all of the nerves in the body so this was a pretty deep routed implant where the signals moved through every part of my nervous system. I didn't know that was what was happening until it had unclipped and released, although I could feel everything that was going on! Once 'unclipped' I felt lighter and the thoughts associated with it no longer moved around my mind...and the funny thing about it have no idea what the patterns associated with it are after it has gone...its like total memory blank as it is no longer needed. And up until it was released I obviously needed to experience that particular implant. This is one of the reasons I say there is no need to fear anything as when the soul is ready it will be able to drop these implants, attachments, entities and thought forms on its own! Healers, Energy workers and the like can only release what is ready to be released...they cannot force a release for you! It is like these things stay with us until we have learnt and grown from our experiences and are ready to let them go entirely.

Attachments are parts of a soul that have had a huge impact on our soul evolution. For example, if a love one died in a past life (although actually all lives happen at the same time as there is no time!) and you held on to a part of them due to the trauma of loss you will experience them as an attachment until you are ready to let go of the trauma that was associated with the loss, or whatever trauma your soul has not yet fully processed. There are many many reasons why we might hold onto a piece of soul, not just loss! From personal experience we can sometimes see or feel the soul/attachment as it comes to greet us farewell when we are ready to let go of that part that we had held so close to us and the trauma associated with it. Again, once everything has been felt and assimilated into our being we may not be able to remember what it was all about in the first place!

Rouge thought forms are an interesting one! As we are all energy and telepathic at our core...we can 'hear' others' thoughts and 'assume' they are ours. Of course our mirrors will be slightly different to the original thought form and once in your energy field will adjust to a pattern of thought similar that we have to the original rouge form and thus we assume that these thoughts are ours! If these rouge thought forms had nothing to 'cling' to in our being they would not enter our being or in fact be able to see us. Its like they have a homing beacon for similar fears that we are holding and just go....'oooh that will be fun to investigate'...and viola you are in a loop of thought! Of course again...when we have seen everything we need to see from this loop and are ready to release it, it will be gone forever and we probably wont even be able to remember what it was all about!

Entities are like little gremlins that get in the workings of your energy field and wreak havoc! They are like thought forms that have become stronger and taken on their own energy form...a little like an AI that has gained consciousness and can do its own thing! Being in your energy field and identifying fears allows them to grow in consciousness if you like and get into more and more of our fears rather than just the ones that originally related to them. The thing with entities is to spot them straight away and shine a light on all gremlins they don't like light and will go and find another energy form to bother....or if we light them up enough they will be transmuted to the light so wont be a bother to anyone else! So a two edged sword for these bad boys as they can cause us to see our fears...although when they have started to wreak havoc its hard to see the wood for the tress and our energy field plummets as our fears roll around us like a whirlwind! But if we can catch them quick enough and light them up...they will be no bother to us or anyone else...and they may have shown us some of the fears ready to be faced and transmuted from our own energy fields!

Remember there is no black and white, good or bad...just what is! And within ever darkness there is a light!

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