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When the Heart begins to Open!

My reason for writing this blog is to explain some of the physical symptoms that occur as the energic heart chakra opens and our human bodies start to change from our current organic form to our new crystalline form. This is not an easy process and has to be done over a period of time as the crystalline body is in many ways based on the current human body and the upgrades we have all been experiencing are part of our shift from carbon to crystalline beings.

It occurred to me this morning, as felt more of my heart chakra open that many of the clients I have seen who have been going through this have been very scared of what is going on. My heart chakra has been opening for a long time...and this can be a long process, for some it happens quickly, for others it is a slow process of releasing and feeling what is stuck. There are a lot of emotions around the heart so it would only be fitting for these releases to happen at a rate that you and your emotions....and your physical body can deal with...which in my experience is why it happens over a period of time for many.

The first symptoms I got of this were when I literally felt like my heart was going to felt like it grew in size in my chest and I wasn't even sure if I could actually contain it any more! For some reason I have never really been afraid of these happenings and have been able to just sit with these feelings and not think that I was in immediate danger or that something untoward was happening to my physical body. Other sensations that I have experienced (again I have never felt really unsettled about any of these feelings) have been air bubbles releasing from in and around my heart, there have been gurgles from my heart to my throat and expansion that felt like how ripples look when you drop something into a pool of clear water, a falling away of 'something' in the heart area and palpitations as anger has left the building! I have always known at a soul level, that these symptoms are opening and releasing stuck energy, but I have met many others who have been unsettled and even scared of these happenings. If you are experiencing any of these sensations and are finding them un settling please go and get yourself checked out by a medical professional.

Now is a time on Earth that we are realising our energetic roots and that there is so much more going on than that which we can see and feel at a physical level. If we allow ourselves to trust our instincts, our bodies, and to open to our inner knowing we can allow these changes to happen without dropping into fear...always remember these changes are happening FOR us, so we can evolve into the beautiful crystalline beings that we are becoming.


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