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Yin Yoga and the Heart!

I often forget that not everyone has the same interests and knowledge as me...and for some reason was surprised when in class I talked about how the Heart is the first organ to form in the uterus as we are formed as a being! But it is true...when our little spark of life starts to form, it is the heart that forms before all of the other organs and even the human body it only makes sense that EVERYTHING starts in the HEART!

So what does this means for us as humans.....that every thought we have originates in the heart not the mind, that every feeling we have originates in the heart and not the mind and that every single part of the body is linked to the heart! Through the fascia (we all know I love of bit of fascia talk!) which originates in the heart and spreads out though out the body touching every single part of the body and its organs and bones (inside and out) flows our heart! All the thoughts, feeling, programs, conditioned thoughts pass though the heart and then are spread out though the fascia and the body as a whole!

Soooo what does this mean for the human in a body.....that everything we believe to be true is held in the body passed through the heart and spread to every single cell in the is why belief is so important and why looking at our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and ideas we can raise our vibration and that of the our heart the world is reflective with each and every person being their own heart connected to each other and the heart of the the microcosm of our body so the macrocosm of the planet reflects and feeds back our thoughts, feelings, programs and what we believe we become in so many senses.. what we believe in our hearts is reflected in the outer and inner world!

So why do I say Yin is important in this...because Yin can help us unlock the secrets of the heart and the body. When in asana Yin helps us to focus only on our body and to release trauma that is stored as thoughts, feeling and beliefs. Yin helps to open the fascia and thus the 'flow' of the heart around the body. If we listen we can feel, sense, see and even hear what is being released through the fascia from our heart. It is why I love the practice of Yin Yoga and share what comes through my heart!


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