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April Energy Update

What to expect in April

This month will consist of deep dives into your own psyche and emotions, nothing needs to be done other than feeling and letting these feeling run through you...this is how we release, accept and transmute all that is no longer needed. Each time you release a great upliftment occurs and it can seem like you are bobbing along in choppy waters until you dive deep enough to find your peace and release what no longer serves you...allow yourself to let go and like water flow with the tide!

Each time you release and move forward time is needed to allow the dust to settle and a new version of you to emerge...allow yourselves time for this and don't hurry the that everything is happening in divine timing and the peace you so crave is on its way! Feeling the deepest and darkest of emotions allows us open to the deepest emotions of joy and peace....allow, as you make space for your light to increase and your soul to shine fully!

Let go of ideas of lack and thinking that you have to be moving forward all the time...the buffalo knows when to rest and take solitude and that all will be provided if he stands in his strength and works at his own pace, not feeling rushed or worried but relaxed and confident in his own power to create and feel safe right where he is!

This month might feel like groundhog day with the ups and downs as the solar flares help you to integrate all that you are...there maybe days where you get up tired and lack focus but know that flowers don't bloom without significant struggle to break through the is that time, to break through the old and feel the light of the new that is emerging within you! Allow the old to fall away as you embrace the newness of everything around you, a new way of seeing, of being and experiencing the world!

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