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August Energy Update

August Energy Update!

So, the Lions Gate is open, a time of heart opening and standing in our power and this month, until the new moon at least sees much heart opening and healing on many levels!

You may already be able to feel the huge energy hits that have been coming our way...? The energies are dragging up anything and everything we have been trying to hide or were not aware of in our energy field. We are feeling more sensitive to other' energy and anything that is stuck in our energy field. This is presenting as pain and discomfort in the physical and deep feelings on an emotional level….but know that all of these sensations and feelings are clearing the way for us to stand in our light!

Deep Cellular Healing - All that has been stuck in our energy field is being raised to the surface for our attention…we do not need to do anything with these sensations, emotions and feelings other than recognise they are there, once acknowledged they will start their process of leaving the body and the energy field…allow them to be there, take time in nature, practice yoga, spend time alone and connect to your higher knowing, the clearer our energy field the easier it is for us to connect and feel our light…ALLOW, ALLOW, ALLOW is what comes through at this time!

Cracked Open - We are being asked to sit with these feelings, allow them to surface, allow life to throw you curve balls and go with whatever is coming up for you. Try not to micro manage your life and allow the detours to happen…Surrender to the magic of life in all forms. There is always a silver lining to all scenarios.

Water Your Garden - Allow yourself time to nurture yourself and your needs, it is not selfish to take time and effort to heal your own heart. You need to be there for yourself as much as anyone else at this time. Know your limits and allow time and space for yourself to feel and acknowledge your own trauma.

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