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July Energy Update

What will July Bring...?

After the contrast of energies throughout June of releasing the old and dreaming of the new; July brings us a break from ideas and release and permission to 'dive in' to whatever it is that we are dreaming of!

Activated Earth - Trust where you are led. You may not see the whole journey...and this can be a gift! See surprise and wonderment as your friend at this time as you venture into the new and see what miracles come your way! It is hard to let go and venture into a new way of being but allow it to happen and life will surely expand in front of you!

Jump In - Jump into all that is offered to you, try you hand at new things and see where you are led. Part of the joy of living is adventure and new horizons, being open to change and all that it brings. The growth of something new, something totally different to how you may have imagined!

Big Picture Thinking - Allow whatever comes into to inspire you to create something new, something done your way...a life less travelled. You are not the only one carving a path...many are on the same journey as you and only by embracing the journey and all that are led to you can you fulfil your life's dreams and be who you came to be.

The Sacred Union - Embrace your relationship with yourself, allow your shadows to rise and be healed as you embrace ALL that you are and see the relationship within and without bloom into life and newness. Allow ALL that you are to surface and be healed as you embrace love and your true nature!

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