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June Energy Update

Working with the Energies of June!

What's coming up in June.....? It's all about creation...that amazing summer energy where we are feeling energised and ready to bloom!

Stars in the Sky - Limitless Possibilities!

This month is all about your dreams…..allowing them to emerge within you and to follow where you are led. They may not make sense at first .. but isn’t that part of the beauty of being human?... Allow your mind to wonder and your inner child to come out to play as you imagine the possibilities that could take shape! Once found, surrender them to source and allow the magic to happen around you!

The Rose Garden - Innocence, forgiveness, be gentle with yourself!

As the innocence of our inner child emerges, allow all hurts to fade away as you regain your innocence, love for adventure and remember who you truly are….your journey is only just beginning, allow yourself to feel the excitement of childhood and the wonder of the universe as you innocently play and create the world around you!

The Wild Rose - Do it your way, Embrace your uniqueness, Untamed!

The wild rose has appeared to remind us that no soul is the same and that we all have our own ways of doing things…and that is part of the gifts you bring to the world. Allow yourself to be unashamedly you and do it your way always. You are the gift, allow yourself to feel that in every fiber of your being!

You're already doing it - Stop overthinking, keep facing your true north!

The Crumbing - What are you clinging to?

Allow that is not serving you to fall away! This could be ways of being, friendships, outdated ideas, control, poor diet….whatever is coming up to be released, allow it to crumble and fall away as you move into your new normal and a different way to interact with the world!

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