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May Energy Update

What to expect in May

From the look of the cards life will brighten a little if you stay open to change and being teachable! The Hollow Bone has shown its face guiding us towards learning new skills, allowing our minds to open and hearts to follow. It is a sign to let all that has past go and allow the new and exciting adventures to find you!

You are moving into summer and the time of blossoming and blooming...allow yourself to do the same! Follow the things that light you up and bring you joy and allow your joy to shine through as inspiration guides you to your next phase of growth. You may feel your confidence levels are 'wobbly' but allow all the new things to enter your life as you learn new skills and follow your heart!

With all the newness around you may find yourself overstimulated, excited, nervous and even fearful as you explore the world as a new born looking for adventure! Make sure you allow yourself time to rest and renew, clear any energy blocks and face the shadow that has been keeping you hidden.. allow your light to shine brightly and take care to nurture your inner flame with love and understanding! Step into your courage and embrace who you are becoming!

Allow yourself to soften into this process, the growth, the openness and the heartfelt way you are being drawn to live. There is no right or wrong way to embrace your heart but do so with compassion and empathy for all as you allow yourself to soften and break open!

Mud is the soft and fertile soil that allows new growth to emerge and wonderous miracles to take place!

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