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Spring Energy Overview

Spring Energy Overview

Now is a time of great healing, many are awakening to their true soul nature and many more will do so throughout the year. Now is a time to call on the ancestor's, call back the soul fragments you have lost along the way and make yourself whole again. Use this time wisely to play with skills you have acquired over lifetimes and see what you can truly do!

Now is not a time to wait, postpone or say is a time of growth! A time to nurture yourself, your relationships, your skills and qualities and to dream big dreams. Allow yourself to dream in the knowing that you are a master manifestor and whatever your heart desires will be delivered to you in due course. Stay the course and allow your soul to shine!

The universe is asking you to transform, to embrace all that you are and to look for the signs that will help you along the way. It may seem like the world is at odds with itself but this is how we grow, how we find ourselves, how we create a new way to be. Allow yourself to transform into what you are becoming and let you light shine for all to see. Nothing is too 'out there' that it cant be done....allow your dreams to arise in the knowing that you truly can manifest all you have ever wanted and allow yourself to transform in the presence of joy and abundance...

Things are changing for your world faster than you can imagine, allow yourself to change with it!

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