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A Merry Motive!

So, I am being asked lots by my angels and guides...Why...? And I remember right at the start of the year I did an energy update which said exactly this...this year will bring the Why! Why am I doing the things I am doing, what do I want to gain from doing them....?

Its an interesting thing to awaken in todays world, to realise that we are all her together for a reason and that being of service is our purpose on earth. But what does being of service mean, and how does this impact our choices and our why...? Are we doing things because we want to help others awaken; to gain money; to make life better for ourselves or others; to stop things happening in a way we don't want them to happen; just because we have always done them that way or purely for the love of doing them...?

Why we do things is an interesting concept in a world progressing so fast! Slowing down and noticing our why's is one way to re-adjust our energy and align with the flow of every point, being conscious of our choices and the 'why' of every single action we take, every word we say and every feeling we have! Tiring at first but rewarding when we notice and align our why's with the joy of being in the moment, feeling everything and allowing the universe to lead us.

What are your why's...?

With all my Love on your journey


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