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What are you willing to GIVE UP!

So this has come to me again and again this month!! When I am in alignment, feeling free and open to my heart the message comes through....What are you willing to Give Up to live the life you love! Interesting that the art work that came through is Orange and Yellow in tone....Sacral (our centre of creativity) and the Solar Plexus (our centre of power)!

It doesn't mean what are you willing to give up on a family or relationship....although these might be things that are holding us back...but rather what habits or ways of being are we holding on to...? Staying in safety so we don't feel the passion and soul essence that runs through our veins. Staying in safety so we don't have to speak our truth and 'rock the boat' of what other people 'expect' from us. We all know that when we put a boundary in place those that were benefiting from our lack of boundaries wont like the change! Staying is safety so we don't get seen for our talents and soul gifts that are very much a part of our soul. Staying in the secure job that just makes us feel 'mediocre' about ourselves and life.

Or allowing ourselves to stay very much in our 3D minds where we are unconnected to the universe and the world around us. Keeping those barriers around our heart so the soft centre that we have is protected and safe from feeling the pain of the world and who we truly are. That is one of the most scary know that we are an all powerful part of source and the universe and create our reality. If we stay in hiding there is no responsibility for the world we have created around us...there is no recognition of the part we have played in the world and the part we will continue to play as the conscious creator that we are! As Ghandi said...Be the Change you Want to See in the World! Live from the heart and recognise the things you don't want to give up...the things that make you safe and clip you wings from being the free and epic soul that you are!

What are you willing to give up to live the life of full soul alignment...?

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