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Yule Tide

Not something I have traditionally engaged with coming from a quite English Protestant background....but this year as I open more to the changing seasons around me and flow with the cycles of nature I have found found embracing the Yule tide festivities has kept my mood on an 'even keel'!

Often when the light begins to wain and the depths of winter are upon us, the lack of sunlight and warmth in our day to have a really quiet detrimental effect on our health, mentally, physically and spiritually...but this year flowing with the seasons has helped to alleviate that all to common feeling dark, dreary, lethargy that can hit us at this time of year!

The process of making things with the resources that are around us and the beautiful bounty that nature provides somehow manages to lift the spirit and allow our creativity to flow. Even though winter is clearly a time for rest, rejuvenation and inward reflection...the need for gentle, connected creativity is still present.

The ability to connect with others while creating beauty is so therapeutic in lifting our spirits and allowing us to leave the worries of the day behind while we immerse ourselves in a fully creative connective activity.

When we roll with the seasons instead of fighting them we realise there will always be a length of darkness but it will ALWAYS be followed by the light and a time of growth and expansion. Just like night turns to day so too does Winter to Summer...and instead of facing the season with dread, we can face it with contentment, reflection of the growth we have made, relaxation to allow us to rejuvenate and the knowledge that the sun will always rise and bring back the light!

Embrace the Seasons, Embrace Life!

With Warm Heart Felt Wishes for the Season, Clare.

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