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The Shame Game!

As I sit here today contemplating what to write and how to help uplift occurs to me that it is so hard for humanity and therefore us as souls to exit the 'shame game' that it makes it almost impossible for us to see and feel our full light!

And this saddens me greatly...not only because so many humans are stuck in a shame cycle but also because those of that have made our way through this cycle and can see..(if only in part our full light) have to get over the 'shame' of others looking at our joyous nature and 'shaming' us for being joyous when there is so much sorrow in the world! And do you know what, I for one am bored of the game.

For a start I have been on both ends of my lowest what I called 'overly happy' people used to annoy the hell out of me! But when you are on a path of awakening, you start to notice and question everything about yourself and the world around you, so I noticed my distaste for 'overly happy' people and looked within, looked at why this caused me to react with anger and annoyance and realised I was jealous, I'd lost my spark...I'd lost my happy...I'd lost that part of me that enjoyed life and was excited by the adventure of it all! I couldn't blame that on others...its not their fault they are happy...and even if it is not 'true' happiness but a mask...who am I to take that away from be annoyed at their happiness and to shame them for it!

And then I realised, I was shaming myself, for not being happy, for not shining my light, for not living from my heart and something had to change! I had to embrace my light, the joy that can be felt watching a caterpillar climb on a leaf...they look so cool as their bodies move them along! I had to stop shaming my inner voice, the one that gives me guidance on what I want to do...not what the rest of humanity wants me to do! I had to realise that I am not here to fix anyone or anything but to experience life and do the things I love!

This has been a long journey for me, eight years so far of ups and downs, dark nights and taking a really hard look at all the things I do...deciding if they come from a place of authenticity or to please someone else's idea of what life should be like! To take back my power as a soul, as a human and decide what is right for me based on my inner guidance rather than the outer world and expectations that are placed on us pretty much from birth. This is what I feel I am here to do and if shining my light offends someone, as I am too loud, too happy, too excitable, too much, too in the spirit world, too 'out there' or they just find me irritating then they are not my people and that's ok because actually, when we find our light, that deep part within us that is connected to everything, the humans around us can come and go, they bring experiences and opportunities for growth, companionship and connection but it is US we need, the true essence of who we are to carry us in joy and allow life to be enjoyed for all that it is!

My daughter asks me often, 'why do we need to cry, I don't like the feeling of sadness' which I always say...until we meet the depths of our sadness we cannot meet the depths of our joy! So when someone walks past or annoys you with their 'overly happy' nature, remember these people have only been able to access this level of joy from exploring the depths of their sadness!

Namaste Clare

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