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Dancing with Life!

Yesterday I had such an amazing day...filled with Love, light and laughter mostly...and even when not filled with these 3 elements my day still seemed to be one of the best! And whenever I rase my vibration and call more love into my life, there always seems to be a 'residual' if you like! It's like my light just got brighter and the brightness shines into some more of the shadow, the old emotions, beliefs and stories that I've held to keep me safe!

So how do we keep this dance flowing so the old can be released and that feeling of ease, grace, presence and love can stay with you...even when we are challenged by an outside force...?

For me, I soften! Depending on how attuned you are to your energy (and this becomes easier the more we do attune...practice...practice...practice!) we can feel our energy tighten as the dense emotions of anger, frustration, sadness etc grip us. If you see auras you can tell by how close someone's aura is to them...I see it like a bubble.....when someone's aura is tight and contracted it is very close to them and very restrictive, you can actually see this in the way they move....when they are open, loving, care free and in the moment the aura expands and can be seen well beyond the physical vessel. Once you start to feel your energy you can feel your aura contract and expend with your mood and your lightness of heart...I always reminds me of the film Stardust, when Yvaine (the fallen star) lights us at the end when she holds Tristan and feels loved!

So, when I feel the restriction, when my body feels tight or my mood tense I soften, I set the intension to love myself and the world around me and allow my aura to expand, my being to soften and my light to grow. Its quite a change in mood and feeling and can be done in very little time once we recognise the restriction and allow ourselves to soften! Next time you feel tense, angry or out of sort...try to soften and FEEL your energy change! This is how we Dance with Life and ride the energy waves around us :)



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