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Allowing Change

The last week has been very powerful on the energy front for the planet...there have been days of total bliss, bright sun light and others of heavy rain, fog and grey sky's! When the weather is so 'changeable' you can bet there are big things happening for the plant! There have been solar flares where the sun infuses extra light onto the planet to aid our awakening and allowing us to hold more light internally, and then a 'cooling' period to allow us to integrate and have days of rest.

We all feel these changes on some level, we put our change in mood down to the weather or high atmospheric pressure... and in some respects this is true...but there is so much more going on at this point in our evolution. That the best thing to do is allow our mood to change without judgement of the change and allow whatever comes up to come up!

Those periods when our mind is busy and we cant stop the consent thoughts going round is a suggestion that we stop and allow the thoughts to be processed and the mind to become quiet. These thoughts are cries for attention, just as a child wold become louder if we ignored them...our thoughts become louder when they are ignored. And at this time the light comes in strongly to reveal to us the shadows that we still hold...we are being shown them to heal them, to walk into them and see what thoughts and behaviours we hold that are not of love for ourselves or others. Seeing these shadows allow us to see where our behaviour is not in alignment with our hearts and allows us the opportunity to change!

These tumultuous times are a gift to allow us to clear all the shadows and come home to our true self and our true nature as a being of the universe.

For more on show work see the posts on The importance of Shadow Work or Bringing the Shadow to Light

Enjoy the Journey Beautiful Souls

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