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Allowing Magic!

So, today I sit at my desk avoiding putting the video camera on to record a session to not only help others awaken but to help me create the life of my dreams! And as I sit 'avoiding' my next steps...the question comes to me 'Why....?'....'Why do you want to create an online course...?'...and whenever a question like this comes to me I answer...initially 'money' came to mind...and then I delved a little deeper....'Why do I want money...?' I have always had a tumultuous relationship with money, its always nice to have some but what I do I really need it for other than the essentials...?

And the answer came, to create a beautiful space for others to awaken, grow, and connect...and it occurred to me... that the 'magic' of manifestation doesn't happen for only happens when we allow ourselves to create a vision that encompasses the whole. When we share our gifts, our heart and our passions to helps others...the 'magic' happens when we allow ourselves to truly be of service and share our gifts with those we came to serve.

And where are our gifts the things that 'light us up'. In the curiosities we have about the world and in the realisations we share with those around us. And sometimes we don't think our gifts are very much, or that people might not understand the way we see and feel things...but actually...its in sharing of the inner most secrets of our hearts that we find our magic...and that's a scary thing to do!

So, allow your magic to come through and use it to serve the whole...the secrets in your heart are the secrets that help the world awaken!

From my Heart to yours

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