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Being Conscious!

So, today there have been an array of feelings coming to the fore front...and just after the Lions Gate it is not surprising as we purge old ways of being , trauma and ancestral karma! So...what has brought me to write this post...the idea of walking forward in life and our ability to become conscious of every little choice and pattern that is happening around us!

This time on Earth is about coming home to ourselves and our consciousness...that part of us that has always been connected to the whole but has been hidden by cultural norms, karma, rules and patterns of behaviour that were ingrained in us from childhood and even before! The more aware we become of our triggers and our patterns, the more aware we become of the patterns and triggers that are held by the collective and those around us.

When we allow ourselves the freedom to look into these patterns from a place of non judgement and compassion, we allow ourselves the insight into how they have played out in the past and the patterns we too have been playing out along with the way in which we can free ourselves from these patterns. Some call these programs that are held in the body....but whatever your preferred name for the patterns and programs we have been playing out as humanity the only way to free ourselves from them is to become conscious of them! Once we are conscious of these patterns we can address the part we play in carrying these patterns forward. The beauty of knowing the patterns and programs that we are part of is allowing ourselves to release them so the patterns don't continue beyond us.

Discontinuing a pattern can be hard and scary as you venture into the unknown and allow yourself to be fully free to experience a different reality to your experiences so far. You can be seen as the scape goat or 'the problem' as you break the patterns that went before you....but only in our freedom of choice in every moment can we find our true self and a fully peaceful and all encompassing reality we are awakening to!

Enjoy your time on Earth 'Earth Angels!'


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