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Between Worlds

This time on Earth is so unique...we are literally walking between worlds! Gaia (the planet) has decided she wants to experience raising her vibration from a 3D density to a 5D density, meaning we have been in a 3D world but we are now moving into a 5D world with less density, less 'heaviness' and less polarity. We are literally moving our physical vessels along with Gaia to be in the Fifth Dimension. This is what we are experiencing in such a profound way with changes in our being, our physical body, our mental body and our emotional body.

We are literally allowing the 'heaviness' of the third dimension to fall from our energy fields as we evolve into a humanity filled with more light, love and compassion for all. Now is a time to reconnect with the Earth and all the other beings in the universe at wide and allow our hearts to open into the multi dimensional portal it was long before Earth (Gaia) made her choice to be in the Third Dimension!

Being in the Third Dimension has been such a gift so all souls aligned and wanting to experience the shift with her. It has allowed us to experience fear, anger, jealousy, resentment and array of lower dimensional thoughts and feelings as well as being able to experience being completely separate from source, and the universe at large. The Third Dimension has been an experience in ourselves, our limits as beings and what physicality is all about. But now is a time to reunite with source and the energy of the universe at large as we navigate our ascension into the higher dimensions, allowing us to again feel connected whole and part of all that is.

As we ascend, there is no longer the construct of us being separate from the whole but we move into the paradigm of us being one with the whole and all that is around us. As we allow our hearts to open and our connection to grow we come to realise that we are the keepers of the Earth, we are the keepers of humanity and we are the keepers of all that transpires around us. As we continue to grow and evolve into the light beings we are becoming we allow others to do the same.

As we 'see' each other for what we truly are and open the door to the magic around us, we allow our light to shine brighter and our hearts to become one with all that is as we transcend the Third Dimensional paradigm to create a new version of Gaia and Humanity; full of love, joy and growth through a knowingness, an open heartedness and a desire to serve with all our hearts.

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