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Checking in with your Heart!

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Today an interesting knowing came to me! I had a wonderful day with of whom had injured his ankle. since the beginning of my awakening I have been able to 'see' the injuries people have encountered and 'feel' the reasons for these issues within the body...along with another whole load of things that came as a huge surprise to me! Anyway, I haven't been able to 'see' them for a while (maybe a year now!)...I did today, because a friend was hurt and needed my help. I knew I wasn't able to 'see' anymore but hadn't thought a lot about it (well, actually I had!)...but it has been quiet nice not 'seeing'...I feel like I have been resting...but also like I am at half mast! That's the thing with blocking our gifts, our energy gets blocked as well!

But today, I knew a friend needed me so I allowed myself to open and 'feel' how I could help. It came to me that he was blocking his intuition and this has been a factor in his injury! When you are awakening you quickly come to learn that everything is a reflection, that everything that occurs within the body is a reflection of your own energy and that many things we encounter are because they are what we need in that thank you with all my heart to my friend who sustained an injury and asked for help!

Me 'feeling' his inability to follow and feel his intuition got me thinking...why don't I 'see' anymore...? So I did something I haven't done for a long time (probably about a year!)...I checked in with my heart...I sat quietly and asked my heart....why don't I see anymore...? And it came to hurts me to see other souls who are not awakening...I have not yet let go of this version of humanity and seeing souls who are not going to awaken in this lifetime still hurts my heart, so I block my knowing's and my sight so I don't feel the fear of loss every time I connect with someone who is not going to awaken in this lifetime. I think this is something that many of us feel on our journey of awakening but acceptance that all souls are on their own journey and will wake up to their true nature only when they are ready is essential to allow our full light to shine!

I am sharing my experience in the hope that others who need to read it will find my post and it will allow them to accept their own journey with love and compassion; for themselves and their own hearts journey into acceptance and also allow them to know that they are not alone!

And finally reminding us all to check in with our hearts often! Checking in with the heart is such a powerful way to allow the things that block our gifts to come to is impossible to drop into your heart and get an incorrect answer...and as soon as you ask it is impossible for your heart to lie to check in with your heart often and allow your gifts to shine always!

To check in simply place your hands over your heart, allow your focus to come to your hands and your heart and ask 'What do I need to release today...?' or 'Why am I blocking my gifts...?!'

With all my Love as always


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