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Co-creation and the beauty of life!

So today I saw friends I hadn't seen for a while and met new people I hadn't seen before! I went to the field my family has just brought and spent time feeling all the feels that come with life! And it occurred to me that no matter how hard we try to control things, the places we live, the people we spend our time with or the projects we want to make happen....we will always be 'out of touch' with life unless we allow it to happen around us!

Life brings us many opportunities to grow and develop as a soul but unless we 'let go' and allow the detours and things we 'thought' were gonna happen to be released and created by a higher knowing we don't really live at all....we merely exist, chasing the dreams we thought we wanted until life passes us by! But when we allow our minds to wonder and new adventures to take form as they will and not how we 'expect' them to be, we find we truly start to appreciate the magic of life and our part in the magic of co-creation.

Co-creation is the gift we were born imagine, daydream and then allow those dreams to come to life in a way that best suits our learning as a soul. Trying to micro manage and make the world around us happen the way we want it to leads a lot of stress, unfelt feelings and a need for control. When we allow ourselves the gift of co-creation, we get to imagine our world into being by the small steps and detours we take along the way, appreciating the journey and all that comes our way. When we dream we allow our hearts to wish and our soul to ignite, when we follow the things that 'light us up' we find our dreams along the way!

Nameste... Enjoy your Daydreams and chase the nudges!

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