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Complex Trauma

As we journey into the body through Yoga, Mindfulness and Healing work we uncover the trauma that is held within. Many of us may not see that we have been through complex trauma as we have had a fairly uneventful life when it comes to external stimuli...we haven't been held at gun point or beaten as a child or any of an array of unthinkable hardships. However, we will still have stored complex trauma within the body...and these are the very things that can only be released through the body.

So what do I mean by complex souls we are 'soft' it is not in our nature to hurt another or to be hurt in any way, so when we are hurt by something, if we have not addressed and looked at and felt the feelings...these feelings get stored in the body. Everything is connected! So when we 'push down' an emotion or say 'its ok', when actually we feel it is anything from ok, the emotion 'Energy' gets stored in the body, ready to be released at a later date!

The body is an amazing and complex machine, we have organs, tissue, fluid, neuro pathways, a nervous system, a brain, cells and they all work perfectly in harmony... until overwhelmed by complex trauma...and things start to get stuck and the flow of this amazing vessel becomes disrupted. If we start to look at everything as energy...(which essentially is what everything is!) things start to become a little less complex and a little easier to comprehend.

Everything is energy and it starts with our hearts. We are a beautiful speck of stardust from the universe which has been planted here on Earth, we have been placed in an amazing physical world where we get to experience touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste and feelings! The complexities of the human experience always astounds me...but we are here, we brought our little speck of stardust here to experience it all....and to experience it all means to 'feel' it all as well as touch, see, taste, smell and hear. And by feeling it all we experience it all....However, for many of us the act of feelings has become a mind exercise rather than a heart exercise!

We 'feel' everything in respect of how we 'think' we should feel it! We experience the world through the lens of our mind...and our mind is essentially a very complex computer that has stored everything we have ever been through and decides what and how we should 'feel' about things, given everything that has happened to us in the is a huge memory bank that is equipped with every experience we have ever had who's job it is to 'keep us safe'....and by keeping us 'safe' it has learnt to avoid bad sensations of fear and pain.

In doing so, our hearts and minds have, in many cases become disconnected as the 'computer' (the brain) struggles to compartmentalise feelings and the energy of feelings...the 'computer' (or brain) was never designed to run the body but rather to be used as an aid to facilitate the hearts desire! However, the brain has been taught to 'lead the way' rather than facilitate for the Heart. So, what we find is that the sensations and feelings we came here to experience get 'stuck in the system' the brain doesn't know what to do with them so sends them on a little jolly around the body in the form of a 'loop' for all eternity...that is until we break the 'loops' to allow the body to 'feel' the energy (the emotion) stored in the loops and all the 'loops' to be released!

So how do we do moving the body, by allowing the 'loops' to open and the energy to be felt...Remembering that everything is related...and whatever is stored in the mind is also stored in the body! So we allow ourselves to unpick and open the mind as we allow the body to feel, release and reset! We allow the mind to feel safe with all that is and allow the Heart to lead...and in doing so we allow our energy to flow through heart and mind, body and soul as was always intended in a beautiful dance of energy flowing through all of the experiences we have :)

With Love and Light


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