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Divine Masculine and Feminine

I talk about the male and female side a lot on Yoga...if you come you my classes you will know by now the masculine sits at the back and to the right side and up into the mind, the feminine sits to the front into the left side and down to the pelvis! So, kind of like a 3D Yin Yang symbol but through the body! The Yin (black) representing the feminine and Yang (white) representing the masculine which correspond with the Yin and Yang meridians Yin going down the front of the body and Yang going down the back!

Why have I chosen to talk about this today...because as you know I use the body to gauge balance and imbalance tightness and openness in energy and yesterday I was talking about my tight quads (the large muscles at the front of the top of the legs) and how it was due to my love of the leg press machine with I was younger! This brought me to things often this had actually 'tightened' and restricted my feminine energy and how many of the things we do restrict the beautiful flowing energy of the feminine within us...sitting all day...hunching forward...looking down into a phone...sleeping curled up...these all affect the Yin meridians and feminine energy at the front of the body!

The feminine energy when in balance is the compassionate, flowing, resilient energy of creation; the allowing of co creation with the universe and to be at one with the planet and each other...but so too is the masculine energy! When in balance these energies can hold space for all that is and allow the cycles of life and death, birth and rebirth to flow through into the darkness and out into the light. When out of balance these energies are restrictive, closed, uncompassionate and ridged!

So how do we ensure this energy is balanced...? By balancing the energies within us, the masculine and feminine, mind and heart, body and soul, human and spiritual. By allowing the masculine and feminine to not only balance but encompass each other, flowing with the ebbs and flows of life until both are intertwined and whole, each holding space for the other and bringing their full essence, love and creation to the energy field of the human body until we realise that both are one and separation is no longer needed!


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