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Energetic Cords

The idea of energetic cords often comes up and the notion of 'cutting cords'...but what does that actually mean...?

An energetic cord is when you have a connection to someone or something...and as we are energy beings connected to the Earth and each other we clearly have energetic cords connected to everyone and everything...however, when these connection are not of a fair and equal exchange the energy of one or the other, or even both parties can be drained by this energic cord.

It is important to notice these cords and allow ourselves to cut them from our energy field to allow our energy to flow consistently and uninhibited. These cords are not a danger in themselves but when we consistently let these cords 'run' in the back ground of our being we find our energy quickly becomes depleted!

So, how do we notice there are draining cords in the first place...? We notice where our mind goes when in the moment...does it go to a certain person, are we thinking about someone, if so, is it a fleeting thought or a more 'entangled' thought...? If it is the later, the energy cord between you and this person or thing needs to be cut in order for you to maintain and increase your own energy.

So how do we cut essence it is pretty set the intention to cut the cord allowing the energy of both parties to flow freely. In reality this may have to be done over and over again until the mind lets go of this cord and allows our energy to flow freely. In the world of the mind and habit repetition is key to undo conditioned thoughts!

For example, it may have become a 'habit' to think about how someone else is doing because you care about them or you are wanting connection with the world of energy this thought draws our energy from the self to another and so we are unknowingly allowing our energy flow to be disturbed. So although it is natural to think of others/the future/the time/when we have to do something it is the amount of time we spend 'thinking' of these things that causes disruption to our energy field and draws us out of the present moment where our energy flows the best.

There may also be an emotional link or entanglement stored in the physical body which holds this cord open (this could be conscious or unconscious to the mind!). And if this is the case the emotions surround the cord need to be released as flowing emotion to allow the cord to be fully released and 'detangled' from our being.


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