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Feeling Safe!

It is so important to feel safe on our journey here on Earth...but it is also such a fear to be truly ourselves here on Earth...especially for the lightworkers, the Starseeds, Angels and Nature Divas! Our souls have been tortured, burned, experimented on and pushed down for many lifetimes...even if you don't believe the stories of aliens, fairies and angels they are stored in your DNA, in the very makings of the planet around us, in the food we eat and the water we drink...there is no getting away from the imprint of what fear and separation has created on this planet, the scientific nature of enquiry to save the human form and the fear based reactions to anything not understood by the human mind!

But now is a time to allow ourselves to feel safe, to allow our gifts to shine, to allow ourselves to be all that we are and stand in our power as a soul, a human in form, a starseed, an angel, a fairy, a water nymph, a dragon or whatever other being you feel your soul is at this moment. Now is the time to return to the magic of our being, the magic of the universe and like a cat who is trusting and open, allow our vulnerability to shine, our intuition to lead the way and our hearts to open to all that we are and all that we are evolving into.

Now is a time to spend time in nature, to nurture ourselves and those around us and to share our gifts for all to draw those who are not so brave to us so we can help them allow their hearts to shine and their souls to evolve. Now is the time to open to who we truly are, allow our gifts to lead the way and our souls to feel safe in this human form. We have all the protection in the universe spurring us on and keeping us safe as we step into our light and our gifts...beautiful souls, allow your gifts to shine and your hearts to is time :)

From your calvary of light!

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