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Inner Child!

I had the most amazing Yin class yesterday with beautiful people...and what started as a Deep Listening class guided us to connected with our inner child! So what is our inner child...? It is the part of us that is forever young, vibrant, enquiring, exquisite and vulnerable! It is the part of us that holds the secrets to our hearts and our inner most desires. But it is also the part of us that 'gets forgotten' as we 'grow up' and try to fit into societal norms.

Our inner child is the deepest part of our being and like a child needs nurturing and to be seen. Our inner child is the one that screams at us to go jump in the sea or burst bubbles in the park....the part that wants to explore everything, get their hands dirty and feel free! If you watch a young child (before our norms and culture have conditioned them...or are privileged enough to meet one who is still free) they are vibrant, they freely show their emotions, they find excitement in everything and 100% live in the moment!

This is the free and open child that resides within all of us who calls to us everyday to play, adventure and allow ourselves to be free. This is the deepest part of us wanting to show our light to the world with no regard of how the world sees them, no preconceptions of right or and wrong, no preconceived ideas of how they should look or act. This is the part that is fighting for your attention if you have forgotten or chastised them (yourself) for not 'fitting' in. This is the part of us that wants to be cherished, loved and seen...this is the part of us that allows our light to shine brightly and embrace the world around us....this is the part of us that is eternal!

Embrace your inner child today, you will thank yourself for it

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