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Interestingly.. the word 'medi' means to combine forms, so what we are doing when we meditate is combining our human form with our universal form of pure energy. It is a process of allowing the human vessel to become so quiet that we can connect with our heart and our gateway to the stars! It is a process of allowing everything to fall away and our hearts to open to the fullness of who we are. It is a process of combining heart and mind, body and soul, and can actually be a state that we can stay in all the time once we reach 'enlightenment'!

So how can we meditate to facilitate this joining of heart and mind, body and soul...? it seems to be different for everyone....some can sit and meditate through quieting their mind and dropping into their heart, some use guided meditations with the voice and energy of the guide to bring their energy to a state of peace allowing the combination of human vessel and universal energy to combine. Some use music of various tones to allow their body to fall into a state of complete peace and oneness while others are able to use walking in nature to facilitate this state of being. But one thing is for sure...everyone is different and will find different ways of meditating easy for them.

How to know if you are in a state of meditation...? The body becomes lighter, you start to sense a feeling of spaciousness around you and your senses either heighten or become duller as you sense the energy around you. Some can connect to their inner being, some to angels and guides, some to star races or nature guides, some to ancestors, spirit guides or animal guides. Some will have stronger connections than others and some will find the energy of meditation 'pops' into their being when they are fully grounded and at matter where they are or what they are doing.

No matter how you choose to meditate or connect/combine the energies of your human self and that of the universal current many messages and guidance can come through in these moments of extreme peace and alignment! When our hearts and minds are open the process becomes easier and we find we can stay in a space of meditative peace for longer and longer periods of time. When in this space of peace and alignment all sorts of guidance, insights and creativity can make their way to us!



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