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In life we try so hard to be 'perfect' to do the right thing, to say the right thing, to be what others expect us to be...and in doing so we loose all the 'me' ness that we have! We allow ourselves to become a 'social norm'!

rom an early age I hated words...I refused to read and avoided books whenever possible....but as an adult I have found a new love for words and breaking them up and putting them back to gether again...if you break up the word Per fect.....its actual meaning is 'thoroughly ‘done,’ or cannot be ‘made’ any better than it already is'!

Through life we sometimes feel that we are striving for perfection, to get things right, to 'be' perfect...when in actual fact we always were perfect. From birth, the little bundle of creation that came to be was made Perfect....we hear it so many times about babies....'aren't they perfect'...and yet as we grow we are taught we are not perfect, we 'should' do things in a certain way....but why....we were perfect when we were born....what happened....did we suddenly become 'imperfect'...?

For the last few weeks I have been guided to do some work with my 'baby' self...meditate on a picture of me, and my shoes and today I was asked by my daughter 'had I ever had a near death experience'...and I thought about it...and yes I did! My mums placenta broke down too early in the womb so on birth I was starving, I was so small they didn't know if I would survive.

So as I do, I asked for the reason for placental breakdown....when the placenta breaks down the baby is not given the nutrients needed in life to ground and feel connected...I have never really felt connected to the Earth or her inhabitants and for many years I have thought this was a negative...and imperfection in me...but actually I was created 'perfect' and my connection to myself and a greater power were given to me at my disconnection from the Earth and the Humanness of it has stayed with me my whole life to allow me to connect first to myself and then to the Earth.

I have tried for many years to connect, be grounded and 'do what' I am supposed to.....but actually I was made to connect first to myself and my higher power and then to those around me. This is how we bring Heaven to Earth, by connecting to ourselves first and then bringing our light down to the world around us. We are all created per fectly for our place in this world and this world needs everyone of us to be perfect in our own way :)

With All my Love


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