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Physical Body

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Today I was teaching Yoga to my beautiful class and the theme of 'being in the body' came through really strongly! The physical body holds all our is an extension of our energy which culminates in the human vessel during this lifetime, making up who we are and what we experience. It is the culmination of our five energy bodies....our mental, emotional, etheric and spiritual bodies...they all align in the human vessel if we allow them to...and this in turn allows us to embody our full light, our full energy as a soul.

Sometimes being in the body can be a scary place, especially if we have physical alignments, dis-ease and held trauma. However, if we remember this physical incarnation and vessel are reflections of our soul progress and soul journey, the physical symptoms we experience can become a little less scary and a little more informing. Everything we have ever experienced has moved through the body as an energetic imprint. Sometimes we have failed to 'feel' the emotions that have been trying to move through the body....this means they have been stored, trapped in the physical.

Understanding and allowing ourselves to feel all that is held within the body can be a way to allow us to heal and experience the light of our being to its fullest. But first we realise that we ARE everything that has ever happened to us and that EVERYTHING that is stored within the physical is being asked to be felt and released.

This time on Earth is of great relevance to the occurrences within the body. The sun is becoming stronger and literally shedding more light on the human body. Everything that is showing up in the human vessel is an opportunity to feel and release all that no longer serves our journey. It is an opportunity to feel the pain we have shielded ourselves from and release it forever.

The trauma held in the body may seem like an immovable mountain but ALL is directing us to feel, release and allow our light to shine brighter. The pain that we feel is directing us to an emotion to be acknowledged and healed...the secret is to allow one thing at a time, one emotion at a time and one step at a time as we take back our power and allow ourselves to heal that which is held in the body and that which holds us from allowing our full light to shine.

With all my love for the future and our healing as a collective


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