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Reflective Nature!

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

So, after moving out of the city and into the country our family has a field to cultivate and make our own! As so, we have started to look into permaculture and how nature works, the more I find out out about nature the more I realise the reflections we are given...and that looking to nature helps us along our journey in life and awakening to our true nature!

There are plants called 'pioneer' plants in nature...these are the hard to get rid of weeds that come back time after time if you try to take them out or kill them...blackberries are one such plant, as are dandelions and stinging nettles. These plants can be spikey and seem to take over but actually, they are doing wonders for the soil beneath, breaking it up , putting nutrients into it and generally making way for a whole new variety of plants to come into play.

Just like our lives....the 'weeds' that appear that we think we don't like are helping to cultivate the landscape for a new way of seeing and being! Like my computer shutting down and the screen becoming shaking...or the fact that my daughter and husband want to interrupt me at every opportunity today may seem like 'weeds' but might actually be teaching persistence and patients for me as I can be easily swayed to do as others would like me to!

As we look to nature we also see that full sunlight all day everyday can lead to dry grass that grows slowly and is a little burnt, spikey and 'crunchy' to sit on! Or on the other hand grass continually in the shade can be sodden and water logged and equally spikey, slow growing and easily killed!

In the reflections of nature we notice how life helps us grow in many different ways. Staying in the 'sun' can lead to a somewhat baron, dry and overwhelmed grass.....just like ourselves if we push away the shadow and shade or difficult emotions we don't always like to feel. If we sit in the sun and out of the shade we too can become stunted, baron and a little prickly!

Equally, if we sit in the shade and struggle to let 'the light in' (happiness and joy), just like the grass, we become sodden and heavy...sustaining life becomes more difficult and growth is stunted!

Life is about encompassing the whole, all of the seasons of life from the summer to the depths of winter. Looking at nature to show us how a garden grows and sustains life to the people around us who provide glimpses of patterns and thoughts that we didn't know we had. Everything we experience can teach us something about ourselves and provide a reflection for us to see, learn and grow from.

All are needed to allow growth and beauty to bloom! All can be seen if we open eyes to the signs around us and the patterns that play out...

Life is a Reflection of our continual growth as a sole, as a planet and as a consciousness in human form!

What is the world reflecting back to you today....?

With all my Love


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