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Yesterday I had an amazing conversation with one of my friends, she is so lovely and often asks me advice on what's going on for her...and I often provide some answers but yesterday was different! In my, it was awesome, In my processing of what was going on for her I allowed time for her to process her own feelings about the situation and I could actively 'see' the penny drop as she realised on her own what was happening....she had the 'ow' moment!

I have often avoided the 'ow' moments with people as you actively 'see' and feel the shift that is happening for them....its like time just stood still as soul recognizes a truth. Its amazing be able to 'see' a soul shift on its own! Its one of the reasons I love I what I do...but it is also one of the reasons I have hidden what I do...That's one of my 'ow' moments!

Its amazing when we look at it really, that the secrets to our being and our gifts are hidden in the shadOW'S of our own being....the language around us...and pretty much all that we are! And that we can, if we choose, look at them, without the lens of good and bad, dark or light but just as they are...a part of us. Its amazing how much conditioning we collect as humans and judgements on what is 'right' and wrong' when actually there are gifts within it all. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' just bumps in the road and opportunities for growth, compassion and understanding for ourselves and all those around us.....but that is THE journey!

The learning never ends, evolution never ends, we are eternal, we may change form or hold more light but the learning never ends, there will always be new things to learn and evolve into and that is exactly why life is so special! The shadow will never go away but as we become brighter, more able to hold light, we are able to shine a light into the shadow to retrieve the gifts that are hiding there which help us to hold even more light and see even more shadows!

Nameste, with all my love and light, Clare

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