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In many classes I use the term 'soften''s not something we are really akin to in this life! From an early age, many of us were taught to 'harden' to the pain of the world around 'toughen up' when it came to things that happened between us and our friends, in school or in the environment around us. We were often taught to hold in the tears and be strong.

Many of us learned very early in life that tears could be met with harsh words and a sharp 'stop crying' from others who were taught the same when they were younger. It has become so 'common place' to tell others to 'toughen up' or to 'stop crying', to not show emotion that we don't give it a second thought....but why do we do this....why do we ask those around us to stop crying or to toughen up...? Because we cant fix them...because we feel their pain and we don't want to...because we have decided that pain in any form is unacceptable and a smiling, happy face is the only way to experience life...? Because a show of emotion is unacceptable, an embarrassment, a reason to seek mental health advice! Even the act of being joyful can be frowned upon and questioned! How many times have you been in public and frowned upon because you were having a good time or laughing too loudly...?! These are all human emotions that want to be shown and experienced through our souls...but we harden to them; we try to 'control' them as not to disturb someone else...? At what end is it too stop our emotions from showing and our light to shine...?!

Until we start to ask the questions...why? Why we do things the way we do...? Why do we feel then need stop our emotions..? Emotions are 'Energy in Motion'...if we stop them, we stop of energy from flowing, our life force from expanding and our growth from occurring.

The soles that are sensitive and open are the ones who cry easily, laugh easily and feel easily allowing their emotions to flow...but we have become so accustomed to 'holding' it in so we don't openly have a show of emotion that we stifle our hearts...but why...? To please those around us..? To stop an unkind word...? To 'not rock the boat'...? To allow others' to be put before us...?

Whatever the array of reasons for stifling our emotions and 'hardening' to the world around us....It is a more natural way to be to allow our emotions to flow, our hearts to open and our being to 'soften'....soften into the emotion, soften into the flow, soften into the experience of life!

In the midst of all the pain in the world, the injustice and the things we like to 'turn away from' is the time to soften into it all, to find our innocence, our vulnerability and our true nature as a be 'soft' to all that comes our way. To allow our emotions to flow and our light to shine. Our energy to ripple out to others allowing them to do the same. It is in the 'softening' that we find our hearts and our true nature as a soul.

With All my Love


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