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Soul Urges!

Soul Urges.....these are little inklings we get about what we want to do! Sometimes they are loud, sometimes quiet but the more we listen the more get to follow a life of joy and fulfilment! Soul Urges are the things that light us up and allow our hearts to open, to be full of love and anticipation of the amazing world around us. Soul Urges are the road map to our dream life full of purpose, connection and growth.

The more we ignore the little voice inside us prompting us to follow our hearts the more uncomfortable life can an example from my own journey...I always knew I wanted to teach so I did what people who want to teach do and followed the university route and tried to 'teach' as I was told...the formula that is taught in Higher education for how we should teach our young people and I hated it...I didn't understand why we did it that way and it felt so alien to me....but because I wanted to teach and that was how to do it (or so I thought) I ignored all my urges to do it differently and consistently tried to 'do as I was told'... This didn't work well for me, my soul urges to do it the way that felt right got so strong that I literally could not bring myself to teach in schools any more.

Its been a long journey of self discovery and allowing my soul urges to lead the way but finally they are loud enough for me to listen to! The thing with soul urges though is that there is no road 'if you do this - this will happen' is literally a case of 'this is what I want to do!' And many times we are lead to believe we cant do things the way our soul is urging us to but in actuality that is really the only way we can do things; in order to allow our souls and our human vessels to be happy healthy and for growth to occur!

It is a case of unlearning all that we have learned and all that we were taught about how things should be done and what outcomes to expect and purely rely on the fact that our soul knows the way and will guide us as long as we listen to what our heart wants. The mind is purely there to support your soul urges and allow them to lead the way as you navigate the world around you.


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