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The Energetics of the planets! Chiron has gone retrograde and if you are sensitive you will probably be feeing a change in your emotions and your body! I certainly am! Chiron is the plant of the wounded healer, so Chiron in retrograde tends to bring up any issues we still have around wounding when we have tried to heal people and it 'has not gone well' for either them or us! The thing is we were never here to heal each other, purely to find our own light and become a light for others on their the wounded healer is a bit of a quandary! The pain of not being able to help someone as they are not ready coupled with the separation of being in human form on a 3D planet where true and open connection is more challenging!

Not only do these changes of energy turn up in our psyche but also the physical...everything is connected and the mind translates everything into the body through the nervous system so whatever is stuck in the subconscious mind (the bit you are not aware of!) manifests in the body....but also that which has been stuck in ancestral lines that is carried in our DNA, which we are awakening in this life.

What has made me talk about this today...? So EVERONE in my family line...and my husbands...and I mean everyone from parents to cousins and aunties and uncles has had some form of trauma to their left front tooth including me, my husband and my daughter! And yesterday after clearing and realigning, in the evening my crowned front tooth started hurting...some would suggest this was an infection or the need for a root canal, however, I have healed this once 2 years ago and knew it was still an underlying issue and not fully healed (the pain is not as great this time round!)...but this time it has come back with a corresponding pain in my left foot....right where the meridian for the front left tooth lies which corresponds to the 'mother line'....and right on the Chiron retrograde....coincidence...I think not!

So, today I will address the wounding of the ancestral line when in mediation and yoga to see if I can break the line, heal the trauma and realign my energies...the only way out is in!

The body holds the is up to us to notice its prompts and follow its guidance....and even as I write this the pain in my tooth and foot are subsiding as the meridian begins to open because I have accepted their presence and am willing to notice the patterns...healing takes many forms!!


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