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The Soul Knows

After a very heart felt Energy Healing session today I felt drawn to post on the soul!

The soul knows everything...where you have been for lifetimes and where everyone else has been! It knows when your angels are there, who you have known in past lifetimes and who can help you in this lifetime! Its just a case of feeling with your heart and letting the information come to you. We are so good at blocking this knowing that we don't even realise we are doing it!

Some can connect to their heart through meditation and such but for me it come when I am 'all in' with what I am doing!! If I am totally immersed in what I am doing and my heart is leading the way. But what does that means to let down your guard, to fully open your heart to those around you and yourself and to 'let it flow'...all your emotions, all your feelings and all the information that wants to come through to you. Its scary as hell when it first starts to happen but its how we evolve as a species, as an individual and as a world.

We can all do this, it is who we is a case of allowing and opening....after all, we are our soul, in beautiful physical perfection!

In the fragility of the heart lies our treasures and in the fragility of being lies our heart.

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