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I love that triggers split is trig 'gers'! Its those moments in life a kitten you are happy and smiley and suddenly you pounce without warning (sometimes there is a simmering under the surface!) but often we are hit with a sudden anger or strong emotion that we really didn't realise was there...You've just been triggered!

So what are these 'triggers'...? They are wounds that are not yet healed, responses that are based in fear and are out of alignment with who we truly are as a soul. They may be linked to an emotion we felt in childhood or adolescence that was never resolved...or that we stored in the body with a certain meaning that is actually not true but something our mind created to protect us from pain or feeling.

The thing with triggers is that once we have 'gered' we can feel guilty as our reaction to the trigger has been of anger or tears and has inadvertently hurt someone else in the process of us releasing the feelings that were tangled up inside our being. When we feel guilt or shame for an action our energy field is further disrupted and the only way to release the tangle is to 'take a breath', drop into our heart and allow ourselves to feel the original emotion and the guilt so it can be released for ever.

Sometimes the triggers take many attempts to be released as releasing everything in one go might be too much for the body to withstand...remember...EVERYTHING is stored in the body and is coming to our attention to be released as we move into higher states of being, higher vibrations and more alignment with who we are at a soul level!

Good luck on your travels through your triggers

With all my Love


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