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Universal Signs

The more I fall into my soul the more I notice the signs and synchronicities around me! And how getting back to nature, observing how nature works allows insights into our own nature as souls (there is a lot of natures in that sentence!). We have become so disconnected from nature at times that we forget to notice the little signs that surround us everyday that can give us so much insight!

As I was walking to my mums house yesterday I noticed just how many bees were in her garden, all sharing the flowers and the fighting, no squabbling, just merrily going about their day! And then the beautiful picture above from the amazing Sandy Gardner (which is winging its way to me as we speak to take pride of place in our new home!) came to me again reminding me that we are all part of the whole and like bees, life is easier and more beautiful when we allow ourselves to work together, let people in and open our hearts to all the abundance that is around us....that is when our souls thrive and our world becomes a place where Heaven and Earth meet.

What signs do you see today...?

With All my Love


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