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Walking through the Shadow of Humanity!

As the light on Earth intensifies and our ability to walk through the shadows grows we find ourselves facing a time of great change, where the hidden, the abandoned, the 'uncomfortable' parts of the human race are brought to the light for our attention! The way the world has been working and the way we interact as humans, with each other and the world around us is being brought to light.

Our ways of being are changing and what we once tolerated and accepted, even supported is not longer tolerable. As our hearts open into compassion for all that has been before and all that is being brought our way, we find ourselves...our true selves! The parts that have been covered by a shroud of forgetting, the parts we threw into the shadows as they were too hard to bare, the parts we wanted to disown as they didn't fit and the parts we found too hard to love.

But as the evolution of humanity continues we find our strength and our ability to walk through the shadows with an open heart. We find our compassion for others and ourselves and the way life has been. We find we are striving for a new way to be and a desire to live through an open heart no matter what the landscape around us brings. We find in the shadows our peace when we let go of the need to control and change the shadows we walk in. We find as we walk, the shadows light up around us and the pain from before seems a little easier to bare, a little less daunting and our heart begins to open.

As we allow ourselves to find our joy, our child like innocence and our inner light, we see still the shadows around us but allow our hearts to shine anyway. Like a child waking from slumber we readjust our sights and see the light we hold as an individual and as a collective....from darkness is born the light!


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