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What it is to Heal!

Musings for today! So there has been muchly going on in the world, mine included and it has brought me to the notion of what it is to heal...? So what is it to 'heal'...? What does that mean...? As with everything we tend to make it complicated as humans when actually it really isn't that complicated. To heal is to come fully back to our origins as a soul, to be fully connected to ourselves and source, God, benevolent being, (however it is you describe the 'something' that exists beyond all time and space) and all that is around us.

To heal is come come home to ourselves, realising that we are not our human body, we are not our beliefs, we are not the pain we feel or the thoughts we have, we are not the dis-ease we have been told we have or the emotions that flow through is. Well actually...we are all of these things and non of these things...we are the energy that allows us to experience all of these things but we ARE non of them.

We are an expression of source, at our purest form we are love, pure unconditional love, without limit, without boundaries, without form (although, obviously we have from when incarnated...but even this is purely our energy in motion!). We are pure energy that can never be extinguished only changed. So what is it to heal...? It is to align with the purest part of our being, to notice the distortions that 'dim' our light, and to bring them to the 'light of consciousness' as we allow ourselves to notice all that we are not, we notice all that we are :)


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